2 New 2016 Releases!
Seeking the One 13 & 14!


Seeking the One 13 from Jeff Dunn on Vimeo.

Faith in the Field

Adventures Afield, Seeking the One 

New2016 Seeking the One 13

Once in a Lifetime

Order Here Seeking the One 14 (DVD) $15.00 USD Once in a Lifetime (DVD) $15.00 USD Seeking the One 10 (DVD) $15.00 USD 3 Pack (13, 14 & Once in a Lifetime DVDs) $36.00 USD

Seeking the One 10

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Oregon's Most Diverse Hunting Films
"Seeking the One"

Our annual film, capturing not only the hunt, but the beauty of the outdoors and essence of our primitive desire to explore the wilderness! We are seeking our quarry and the adventure it brings...but we are also seeking "the One" who created every aspect of it. Our desire to spend quality time outdoors is our desire to spend quality time with God...as Romans 1:20 says, His invisible qualities, divine nature and eternal power are clearly seen through all of creation. As we learn to recognize Him in our pursuits, the blessings go beyond notching a tag or putting meat on the table. Come along with us as we explore all that Oregon has to offer...

Seeking the One 9 (the Original)

New2016 Seeking the One 14

Seeking the One 11

Seeking the One 14 from Jeff Dunn on Vimeo.