Each "Adventure Kit" includes 12 large, fold out, interactive maps for the youth, loaded with stories written by Faith in the Field team members, questions pertaining to each story, monthly challenges, a trail of the year's journey, outdoor activities, adventures afield, faith trivia, outdoor trivia, crosshair puzzles, knot tying techniques, take aim preparation, word hunts, food chain matching, track identification, find your way mazes, shed hunts and much more! Also included in every kit is a packable camouflage NIV bible, two journaling pens, a water bottle and compass, a contract to begin the year, as well as a leader's guidebook, all packaged in a Faith in the Field camouflage synch bag!

These kits are available to purchase at the top of this page or the "our store" page. The cost is $50.00, which includes shipping. But do not let cost be a prohibiting factor, WE have scholarships available to help those who need some or all of the cost covered. Please inquire to us by writing us at info@faithinthefield.com or by calling Scott at 503-949-6420.

Faith in the Field's Epic Adventure is designed to strengthen the heart and soul of every boy, and man. Whether you're young or old, outdoor savvy or not, this adventure is for you...and it willchange your life. This is a year-long adventure for a mentor/father to lead a young man through (ages 8-16), strengthening their relationship with each other and our Creator.

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Q. What is the cost? And what if I can't afford it?
A. The cost of a kit is $50.00. If you cannot afford it, we have scholarships available to cover some or all of the expense. Please contact us through email at info@faithinthefield.com or call Scott at 503-949-6420.

Q. Can young girls and/or mentor women go through this adventure?
a. Our NEXT goal is to design an Epic adventure for youth girls, but at this time, this curriculum was specifically written and designed for men and boys and is not ideal for a girl or women to work through, mainly because of the numerous references to men and boys throughout the stories, questions, and other aspects of the adventure.

Q. What age is appropriate for these adventures? 
A. We promote this adventure for ages 8-16. Saying that, some aspects will be challenging for an 8 year old, requiring more help and attention from the adult...while other activities will be easy for a 16 year old and allow for more challenging adventures and creativity.

Q. Can I lead more than one child, or several youth through this adventure?
A. Yes, this adventure can be enjoyed by two or more youth at the same time. However, setting aside one on one time between the leader and each child is critical to bring the impact and validation to each young man's life. 

Q. Does it matter what time of year we start or how fast/slow we go?
A. It does not matter when you start, or even how quickly you work through the kit. We mention working through one adventure map each month, but the leader and youth can choose to work through the journey at a faster or slower pace. the important thing is that you make time and let God lead you through it.

Q. What costs are involved in working through this adventure?
A. There are no mandatory costs involved during the adventure, but some basic outdoor gear may be required depending on the adventures you choose, whether you own, borrow or buy some items.

Email us at info@faithinthefield.com with any questions or for more information!